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Product Care

Jewelry Care

We want your piece to last. Keep your Jewerly looking its best.


1. Remove before swimming, bathing, exercising or going to bed.

2. Wait to put on your Jewerly until after you have applied lotion, makeup or perfume.

3. Store your jewerly in a closed box or baggie to prevent scratching and tarnish from oxidization and moisture. You may keep the Jewerly on the PU box we prepare for you to prevent oxidization.

4. To restore the luster and shine of your jewerly, usa a jewelry cloth or soft cotton cloth to gently buff the piece.


Cystal Care


1. After wearing the crystal jewelry, wipe the jewelry with a clean soft cloth to maintain its unique luster! If fingerprints are imprinted or the crystal is soiled, you can wipe it with a soft cloth. You'd better wipe it gently when removing dust to avoid surface damage.

2. Do not allow crystals to come into contact with detergents and other items containing chemical ingredients. Try not to wear crystal jewelry when bathing, washing your face, washing your hands, washing dishes, etc.