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About Us

About Us

Fine Quality Natural Gemstone Jewelry in Singapore Online


Monday No Blue is a natural gemstone global online jewelry store based in Singapore. We specialize in a vast variety of accessories made from all the well-known healing gemstones. At Monday No Blue, we painstakingly search and select only the finest stones and crystals and craft them specific to our customer’s personal needs and styles. We are committed to delivering our pieces anywhere in the world, as soon as you place your order, however, as they say, the best workmanship needs time and patience.


Healing With Gemstone Energy

Gemstones are naturally occurring substances or minerals that are more just pretty pieces of rock. These crystals and gems have formed over thousands of years absorbing the earth’s energy. Since ancient times, gemstones are known to contact and be able to channel tremendous amounts of healing energy. Special gemstones and crystals act on specific chakras of the body and help you manifest good health and affirmations.


Our Mission

Founded in 2021, our mission at Monday No Blue is to help you find the perfect gemstone and design that suits your style while channeling the energy you need. Our gemstones and crystals will help you find this positive energy so you can manifest your higher purpose and goals.


Our Vision

Our vision at Monday No Blue is to be able to help every individual in the world, that is looking to improve their lives and find their life’s purpose, through the power of crystals and gemstones.


What Sets Us Apart?


100% Genuine Gemstones

At Monday No Blue, every product is made with absolutely genuine natural gemstones. We specialize in bead crystals, gemstone bracelets, handwoven bracelets, Gold vermeil or Gold plated with 925 Silver base Jewelry, Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, and much more. As our gemstones are 100% natural, each piece may vary in color, mineral, etc.


Talented Jewellery Designers

What sets Monday No Blue apart from other jewelry brands is that each of our pieces is designed and made by talented jewelry designers and manufacturers. At our natural gemstone jewelry store, we also offer custom-made designs by collaborating with different designer brands and original design manufacturers to help you translate your unique style.


Made With A Personal Touch

We take pride in being able to make sure that all our patrons can find their own personal style in the jewelry they purchase at Monday No Blue. Our jewelry designs are some of the freshest, most original designs made by the finest jewelry designer brands in the world.


Vast Variety Of Original Designs

At Monday No Blue, our customers are spoilt for choices. We provide an exhaustive variety of beautiful jewelry pieces while maintaining extreme caution about selecting only the purest and highest quality of natural gemstones and prioritizing fine craftsmanship.


Rare Gems At Affordable Prices

We also offer the rarest of the famous 5 jewels like Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and Opal at Monday No Blue at the most competitive rates. Soon, we also hope to sell Diamond jewelry based on customer response!