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Healing Crystal

Posted by Monday on

We can’t help but acknowledge the efficacy of the crystal. The crystal is spiritual.


This was recorded thousands of years ago. The history will not deceive people~


You must believe this when buying crystals.


Only in this way will the crystal be loyal to you and protect you to its fullest effect.


If you wish really hard, maybe you'll get what you want.


But crystal is not Aladdin’s magic lamp. It's not that you can get whatever you want with it.


"Three points are doomed, seven points depend on hard work"


Although you are hardworking, you still have no gain sometimes.


Despite working hard, the final result is not what you want.


Although we don't resign ourselves to fate, some internal factors can still be changed.


Everyone knows that the human body has five elements: gold, wood, water, fire and earth.


Too much or too little will lead to bad luck.


Crystal is a natural mineral stone, which grows in the center of the earth, absorbing "earth energy".


The scientific explanation is that the crystal energy interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field.


Thus, the balance of the five elements of the human body can be adjusted, and the attributes of the five elements of the crystal can just make up for this.